Rocca 3D Playing Cards Look Neat

You’ve been wanting to buy a new tabletop game to play with the family (sadly, you’ve exhausted the Board Game Remix Kit over the last year), but couldn’t really get into all the geeky stuff that dominates the shelves.  While you can always play poker or any traditional card game, you want something fresh.  Maybe these Rocca Card Games are exactly what you’re looking for.

Designed by Trulie Okamocek as a tribute to legendary game designer Alex Randolph, the game uses unique-looking six-sided cards that are as aesthetically-pleasing as any playing cards I’ve seen.  Decorated with 3D style graphics, they are equal parts visually appealing and, according to its makers, a lot of fun to play with.

The Rocca Cards can actually be played like standard playing cards for poker, gin rummy and your regular roster of casino table games (yes, including solitaire when you’re bored and your phone is dead).  If you’ve had enough of those games, then you can also play them using  a new game for which the cards were devised.  And if you just want to look at pretty things, you can use the 3D graphic designs to create amazing-looking layouts on a table.

Three versions of the cards are available: Original (black and white cards with 3D block graphics), Blocks (the same 3D block graphics with bright primary colors) and Book (which depicts the cards as 3-dimensional leatherbound books).  All three can be played the exact same way –including creating artsy 2D structures that look like 3D creations on a flat surface.

You can buy the Rocca Cards from Aha Life, priced at $28.

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