S T R E T C H Turns Giant Rubber Band Into A Shelving Solution

Rubber bands for shelves?  That sounds silly, but the S T R E T C H Shelf (yep, it’s spelled with all those irritating spaces) shows how it can be done, and the results are particularly attractive.

The modular shelving solution uses one large rubber band and an array of pegs that you can arrange whichever way you fancy.  Simply position those pegs on your wall, wring the rubber band around them and you’ve got yourself a most awesome-looking wall compartment.  If you get tired of its looks, just plug a few new pegs in and rearrange the bands to any shape you can come up with.

Using  a set of machined aluminum pegs and a cast rubber band, you can create a limitless number of shelving designs – as long as you can stretch the thing to fit it.  The ultra-thick, extra-large rubber band has a default diameter of 10 inches, which should make for some nifty wall creations.

Since this thing should end up difficult to score, you can probably do one yourself.  You can easily get the  pegs at any hardware store, but the rubber band will prove a little tricky.  Who the heck sells oversized rubber bands, anyway?

Originally intended as a design showcase from Pete Oyler, the S T R E T C H Shelf is slated to hit specialty boutiques soon at a $120 price point.  It’s not clear how many pegs and bands that cash nets you, but it sounds a tad too expensive for a largely simple-looking kit.  Can’t beat how nice it would look in your walls, though.

[via Apartment Therapy]