Samsung Gear IconX Combines Wireless Earbuds, Music Player, And Fitness Tracker


Unlike other wireless earphones, the Samsung Gear IconX is really wireless – as in, there’s no cable tethering the two earpieces together. Even better, it comes with onboard storage and can play music directly from it, so there’s no need to bring a phone to listen to music. And if that’s not enough, the darn thing is a fitness tracker, too, making for a standalone powerhouse to pop in your ears during workouts.

Like other truly wireless earbuds, you can use it to stream music from your phone via Bluetooth, so there’s no need to limit your playlist to whatever can fit inside the 4GB onboard storage.  Except, you know, it brings so much more in terms of function.


For fitness tracking, the Samsung Gear IconX records heart rate, distance, speed, duration, and calories burned, among other activity metrics, which it can save locally when the earbuds aren’t paired to a phone. Even better, it can read out the data during the activity, so can keep track of your progress even without a screen in sight. Once paired to a phone, all data can be easily synced via Samsung’s S Health app.


The actual earbuds come with three sizes of ear tips and wing tips, so you can try different components to ensure a perfect fit. There are no buttons, but the entire outer surface serves as a handy touchpad that allows you to control playback, adjust volume, and more using simple gestures.

No pricing yet, but the Samsung Gear IconX comes out in July.

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