Scentee Adds Scent Alerts To Your Smartphone Notifications

Because you never know just what might end up being a hit this day and age, somebody created an aroma notification device for smartphones. That’s right, no longer do you need to make your phone play sounds, vibrate or wake up when you receive a text message — you can now be alerted by the scent of strawberries in the air thanks to Scentee.

A dongle that plugs to the 3.5mm port on your smartphone, it lets you spray your scent of choice in the immediate vicinity of your handset. From the bundled app, you can set it to spray at timed intervals (so your workspace always smells like roses), any time you want (just tap the spray button), or to spray during specific notifications.

Each Scentee comes with a replaceable scent cartridge inside that holds about 100 sprays worth of fragrant liquid. There are a bunch of aromas listed on the site sold as individual cartridges, including rose, lavender, strawberry, rosemary and roasted coffee, although they appear to be planning to create more unconventional ones like coconut and curry (we’re hoping, of course, for the requisite bacon scent). Yes, you can finally wake up to the smell of coffee (or curry, if that’s your thing) in the morning without actually setting up a timed coffee machine to go with your choice phone alarm. Thankfully, there’s no scent to go with your favorite fart app (remember those?), which I fear could actually end up being a horrific development down the line — I mean, how can juvenile coders and scent-makers resist?

Originally available only in Japan, Scentee now has an international English version for both Android and iOS. Price is $35.  Check out the ridiculous video featuring the gadget below.

Check It Out  via Electronista