Spoonachos Maximize Your Salsa Dipping Capacity

Nachos are great.  Nachos drowning in guacamole, salsa, or dip, however, are considerably better.   The Spoonachos, a utilitarian-shaped nacho chip, will let you maximize the amount of condiments you can put in your mouth without dirtying up your hand.

A concept design from Denis Bostandzic, it’s basically a regular nacho, shaped into the form of a small spoon, complete with a protruding handle where you can conveniently hold it.  Hence, the name.  And the incredible scooping powers.

Let’s face it:  Nachos may be intended as functional finger food.  There’s nothing finger-friendly, however, about trying to get as much dip as possible on the thing before you stuff it in your face.  Your hands – they’ll be a-dirty before all is said and done.

The Spoonachos does away with all that.  Not only can you lift out a generous pile from your salsa, you can hold the whole chip via the built-in handle, so that none of that tasty dip will ever need to be licked off your grubby fingers.

While it’s sad that this is only a concept, the ingenuity gives me hope for the future of humankind.  Perhaps, someday, we will all be blessed with a real product spawned from this inspired idea.

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