Summer Grubbin’

outdoor-meal-kitAhhh...summer.  Those barbecues out in the yard, the time spent in the lake swimming with the fishes, and the picnics on the grass.  What? Picnics aren't one of your favorite summer memories? That's because you need the Outdoor Meal Kit whenever you picnic.

Before the invention of this kit, you were only presented with two options.  You could get some paper plates and bowls and use them, in danger every minute a stray breeze blowing them across the park into the dolphin fountain, not to mention the way the plates get soggy when you put some baked beans on them.  Your other option involved lugging 77 pounds of dishes where ever you wanted to picnic.  With neither option desirable to most, the Outdoor Meal Kit was invented.

This kit is ridiculously compact, being an all in one dish and cutlery set that contains all of the dishes and utensils you'll need for picnicking or camping pleasure.  The kit comes with two plates, a cup that is spill free, a colander/cutting board and a bowl and lid packed into a teeny weeny box.  Oh, and one more thing – a useful and tough spork with a serrated edge.

In thinking of the planet, the kit is crafted out of polypropylene with is completely environmentally friendly, not to mention dishwasher safe – in case you are one of those weirdos who take their TV, dishwasher and microwave oven camping and plug them into a generator.  You can use this kit for camping, picnics, work, holidays or boating trips. So stop letting the paper plates control your life and get the Outdoor Meal Kit!

Its available at Firebox for $ 19.95