Having Tiny Hands Shouldn’t Be This Funny… But It Is


Remember that Man Hands toy, which let even little children look like they have the hands of a large, grown man multiple times their size? Yeah, that was funny. Know what else is funny? Making large, grown men look like they have children’s hands and that’s exactly what you get with Tiny Hands.

A pair of plastic hands, it’s designed to make you look like you have the hands of a little child. Granted, you can’t use the hands to grab or punch anything, since they’re plastic and hard, but you’ll definitely look funny trying to do anything with a pair of mitts as tiny as a four year old’s.


The Tiny Hands have a somewhat realistic appearance, so despite the stiff and glossy make, they look decent enough to pass off, if only they weren’t so disproportionate to the rest of your body. Each one consists of a 4.25-inch long hand (with wrist) attached to a 2-inch ball handle, which you’re supposed to hold in your actual hand. As such, you’ll need to put on a long-sleeve shirt, sweater, or hoodie to properly pull it off, covering both your hand and the handle to obscure them from sight.


Available now, the Tiny Hands are priced at $8.99.

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