Tubular Packs The Float Tube With Your Favorite Lazy Summer Amenities


If there’s anything we learned from the Coolest Cooler, people like gear that can act like a jack of all trades. Well, that’s exactly what the Tubular is attempting to accomplish, packing a tube float with a whole load of extras to turn it into an all-in-one recreational water toy.

Sporting a semi-circular shape, it’s designed to serve as a floating recliner of sorts, allowing you to plop down in a relaxed position while enjoying the outdoors. It comes complete with a large seat and accompanying backrest, so you can chill out in the laziest, most comfortable way imaginable.


Since we live in the multi-tasking age, a simple floating tube just isn’t fun enough. As such, the Tubular comes with a marine-grade Bluetooth speaker, a personal-size cooler equipped to hold a six-pack of beer, and even a 10-liter dry bag for holding all the gear you want to bring along. That way, you can safely take your phone with you for instant selfies while floating down the river, your Kindle for pretending to read while you get drunk, and your tablet for watching a movie when nature gets a little too boring to keep your full attention.


All of the extras (speaker, cooler, and dry bag) can be easily removed from the tube, so you can still use them when retiring the float for the day. Features include heavy-duty PVC construction, two cup holders, dual handles, a large valve for quickly deflating, and a mesh seat bottom so… uhhh… you can still pee in the pool and stuff.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Tubular. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $85.

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