Vasa Trainer Pro Lets You Train Swimming Muscles Without A Swimming Pool

Getting that sexy swimmer’s body ain’t easy.  Unless you’re doing laps everyday on a consistent basis, you’re just not going to build the same muscle structure, even if you do hit the weights every morning.  That is, until the Vasa Trainer Pro came along.

A standalone exercise machine, it can facilitate the exact types of exercises  you need to build the same muscles you’ll develop by swimming a heck of a lot.  Put it under the shower and maybe it’ll feel like you’re really swimming, too.  Okay, maybe not, but it sounds fun enough to try.

Billed as providing “your best swim out of the water,” the Vasa Trainer Pro features a sliding padded bench sitting on the length of a bar, along with a series of pulleys, cables and grips.  To use, simply plop down onto the bench, grab on to the pulley handles and pull on them in any number of styles to mimic different swim strokes.  According to the product page, the machine will help you develop swim-specific strength and muscles, improving your actual in-water performance while correcting stroke flaws.

By default, it uses your bodyweight as resistance using 15 different incline settings.  It can be paired with a number of accessories and weights, as well, that give you unlimited options in resistance.  The entire machine measures 7.6 inches long x 24 inches wide, with its height adjustable between 29 to 41 inches, so it should take just as much space as any of your favorite home exercise equipment.

The Vasa Trainer Pro is available now, with prices starting at $899.

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