This Electric Tug Lets You Pull A 20-Ton Cargo Trailer


No, you’re probably not strong enough to move a loaded cargo trailer with sheer brute force. However, you can use the V-Move Trailer Mover XXL to look like you’re doing just that, as this contraption will let you haul a heavy trailer like it was nothing more than a loaded Radio Flyer wagon.

Made by Verhagen Leiden, the manually-operated electric tug isn’t designed to give you super strength. However, when used to pull a heavy cargo trailer, the darn thing will provide all the needed power, allowing you to move cargo around the lot with the same ease as a heavy piece of furniture on a rolling trolley.


The Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover XXL pairs a 4kW electric motor with a 36-volt 245Am battery pack to provide the necessary pulling power, with Continental tires delivering the necessary traction. That combo gives it enough drive to let you haul a whopping 20 tons of cargo at a time, giving your erstwhile puny muscles a Superman-like ability, while the swiveling front tire lets you steer it with precision for squeezing into tight openings.


Of course, it comes loaded with safety features, including an emergency stop, a loud horn, and an anti-tipping facility, so there’s little chance your cargo will end up falling on its side. There’s no brakes, so you’ll have to be careful towing it down inclines, although a compressed air brake is available as an added option.

Learn more about the Verhagen Leiden V-Move Trailer Mover XXL from the company website.

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