A 36-Shot Glass Bandolier For Drunken Commandos

Bandoliers that hold beverages for drunks are nothing new.  The 36-Shot Glass Bandolier, though, lets you keep an entire liter of alcohol within your person, spread out over 36 1-oz shot glasses.

Styled like the classic cartridge belts worn by commandos in the jungle, the accessory features two crossing shoulder straps and a belt.  Wear a loose jacket and this thing will likely go unnoticed, allowing you to partake in the joys of alcohol poisoning without anyone giving you their expressions of disapproval.

The 36-Shot Glass Bandolier is made from nylon and can be adjusted to provide the most comfortable fit.  Fourteen bullet-shaped shot glasses go on each shoulder band, with eight on the belt, equipping you with enough shots to guarantee a drunken stupor.  Each shot glass comes with its own locking cap, so none of that delicious booze goes to waste.

Why not just use a flask?  Because flasks can’t fit a whole bottle of booze, they take serious space in your pocket and won’t even help you look a little more like Rambo.  This party bandolier will.

Whether you like whiskey, rum or Smoked Salmon Vodka (blech), you never have to leave the house without an entire bottle of it hanging around your torso.  You can get the 36-Shot Glass Bandolier for $9.99.

[Budk via Geekologie]