Bin 8: One Bottle, 8 Kitchen Tools

It’s not uncommon to find stackable kitchen tools.  Those beakers, graters, juicers and other small kitchen items can add up and stacking them offers the most efficient way to store everything (with the DrawerDecor a very close second).  The Bin 8 is a set of eight essential kitchen tools that can be stacked to form a single long-neck bottle.

Made by Bento & Co., the assembly can be stored right next to your soy sauce and cooking wine bottles when fully stacked, looking completely at home like it’s one of the guys.  When you need any one of the eight tools, simply break the stack apart and take it.

The Bin 8’s roster of kitchen items consists of a funnel with an adapter for filling narrow-necked bottles, a lemon juicer, fine and coarse spice graters, a lid grip/jar opener, an egg yolk separator, a masher and a measuring container that can hold just under two cups of ingredients.  Seriously, that’s a whole lot of useful tools in a single stylish package, which makes it equal parts utilitarian and equal parts fun.

All the items are made from plastic, though, so if you’re a classy chef who only allows wood, steel and glass items in your cooking area, you probably won’t love it.  Oh yeah, they all look dishwasher safe, but the website recommends handwashing the items individually for some reason.

As of now, the Bento & Co. Bin 8 is only available in Japan, priced at 2,200 yen (around $28).  I’m pretty sure it’s way too awesome to stay out of Amazon’s Home & Kitchen section for too long, though.

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