Cable Hive Offers A Stylish Way To Store All Your Cables And Wires


You know those DIY toilet paper cable organizers floating around the internet? As simple as they are, those things are incredibly handy, giving you a way to store cables in a neat and organized manner. Only thing is, they look exactly what they sound like: a bunch of empty toilet paper rolls bundled together in an ugly mess. The Cable Hive offers a similar but more presentable alternative.

Instead of round storage slots, it uses a honeycomb-like grid of shelves that can fit in USB cables, power cords, and all those other dangling objects accumulating in your life. It can be mounted up a wall, set down on a table, or even pushed inside a (deep) drawer, giving you plenty of options in storing all the cables that come with your modern lifestyle.


The Cable Hive is housed in a frame measuring 330 x 330 x 220 mm (h x w x d). That frame can be outfitted with either 39 small or 20 large hexagonal compartments, so you can get the former for storing USB cables and the latter for the longer, thicker cables of your home entertainment system. It’s easy to use, too – just bundle a cable in a proper length (not more than 220 mm) and push it in the slot, with the walls keeping it from unraveling all on its own.

Construction is acrylic, so it should withstand better abuse than the DIY toilet paper version. It ships flat-packed and assembles using a simple slot and tab system.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Cable Hive. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at AUD $59.

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