A Circuit Board Necktie For Engineers Who Wear Ties

If you’re going to be an engineer, you might as well dress like one.  And, yes, we mean high-waist pants, thick-rimmed glasses held together by tape and a circuit watch.  Stereotypes aside, here’s one accessory that every engineer can probably dig: the Circuit Board Necktie.

Made by CyberOptix, the men’s fashion accessory features a detailed circuit board print right on the fabric.  Approximately 18 inches of resistor and capacitor diagrams are decked lengthwise across the tie, extending from the bottom point towards the neck area for maximum visibility.

The Circuit Board Necktie is made from polyester microfiber, which supposedly feels as smooth to the touch as silk.   Why not just silk?  According to the product page, they opted to use the synthetic material to avoid excluding engineers who shun the silk industry for their anti-animal practices (don’t ask me, my simple mind is generally oblivious to activism).  Plus, the choice of material means it doesn’t need to be dry-cleaned.

Cut is narrow, with the 58-inch long neckwear measuring 3 inches at the widest point.  If you’re curious, the diagram is based on a late 80s circuit pattern for appliance controls. They used gold water-based ink for the print.

Adafruit has the Circuit Board Necktie available, priced at $30.