ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava Makes You Look Badass, All While Keeping Freezing Air Away From Your Lungs


You may be a clumsy skier.  Heck, you may be the worst ever.  If you look like you’re ready to pull out a gun and annihilate every clown who earns your ire, though, I doubt anyone will even dare to laugh your way.  That ominous vibe is exactly what you’ll be putting out when you dress up in the ColdAvenger, an expedition balaclava that looks like it came straight out of GI Joe. After looking at it a bit more, it reminds of that Nazi Villian guy from Hellboy movie. That has to be one the freakiest dudes ever.

Being a hero or a villain doesn’t matter.  You’re a badass with one of these things covering your face.  Even better, it actually does something to protect you from the biting cold, so it’s not just some random fashion accessory.


Designed by a physician (based on input from the U.S. and Canadian militaries, as well as mountaineer Ed Viesutrs), the ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava is a free-sized protective headgear that keeps your whole head safe from the biting cold.  It uses the Polartec Wind Pro fabric (with Lycra binding), which stretches just enough to deliver an optimal fit, while keeping air inside between 40 to 60 degrees above outside temperature.

Setting it apart from other winter-ready balaclavas, though, is a removable ventilator on the integrated face mask.   Made from medical-grade biocompatible plastic, the patent-pending design mixes the cold air you breathe in with the warm moisture you exhale, keeping your respiratory system clear from freezing air.  The mask design also includes entry ways for a hydration tube, a headset and a mic.

Priced at $79.95, this sounds like a worthy expense for keeping all the seasoned skiers and snowboarders out of your face while you fall over and over.   Just make sure to keep mum (for mystery) and give them the evil eye (for intimidation factor).  Oh yeah, the “warm air on your lungs” thing sounds awesome too.

[Talus Outdoor via Gizmodo]