Use Gogglesoc To Keep Scratches Away From Your Ski Goggles This Winter


A good pair of ski goggles, the kind that enables crystal clear optics in the exact winter conditions you’re wearing them in, is not cheap, typically taking you for upwards of $200. Which is why getting your goggle’s lenses scratched can be so infuriating. Even worse is when you scratch them while you’re grabbing a beer, putting on your gear, or just waiting for some friends (frequently happens when you have your goggles on your head all the time). And while there’s nothing you can do when you scratch them during a crash while skiing or snowboarding, the Gogglesoc offers a way to protect them for all those other times you’re not plowing through powder downhill.

Like socks for your goggles, the sleeve stretches over your winter sports eyewear, serving as a protective barrier that shields the lenses from both natural and man-made elements. That way, you don’t have to buy a new pair of goggles every winter season, allowing you to better invest your money in other gear.


The Googlesoc is, basically, a single-piece sleeve with an elastic edge that you can stretch to fit most sizes and styles of winter sports goggles, ensuring you can use them, regardless of which brand and model you’re wearing. Even better, they’re specifically designed to wear snugly for folks who like to keep their goggles on their helmet, with absolutely nothing getting in the way, so you can still rock your winter sports threads like usual, except with the goggles all covered up. Do note, the goggles are a little too big for children’s goggles (ages five and under), but should work for everything else other than ones with unusually large frames. To put it on, simply stretch the sleeve and slap it over the goggles. To take it off, a large label on the right side lets you tug at the sleeve to just as quickly remove it without much work.


It comes in a variety of designs, from solid block colors and ski resort graphics to photographic images and collaborations with other brands. Whether you’d like to cover up your goggles in something understated, flashy, or patriotic, they’ll likely have a design that will satisfy your particular preferences. We know, wearing a sleeve with a California state flag over your goggles can seem a bit goofy, as it’s basically dressing up your eyewear with something on top. Truth is, people just aren’t used to doing it and, given how effective it is at keeping scratches, we imagine that will change soon enough.


The Googlesoc is made from a microfiber material that uses a blend of rPET (recycled PET bottles) and spandex, so you’re not just protecting your goggles, you’re also helping clean up some of those plastic bottles that will otherwise clog our waterways and pile up on our landfills. And yes, the microfiber is suitable for use in cleaning your lenses, so you can use it to give your googles a wipe down right before hitting the slopes.

The Googlesoc is available now, with prices starting at $14.95.

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