Get Your Dinosaur Riding Poster From Last Vacation Right Here

Just because dinosaurs are extinct, it doesn’t mean you can’t pose in pictures with them.  All you have to do is get tight with a mad scientist who owns a secret island where he raises mating dinosaurs and rhinoceros elephants (no, really, I’ve seen them).  In case you never come across one of those cats in your social circle, we guess the Dinoprints service will do.

Instead of flying you to a secret island with their private zoo of prehistoric monsters, the service simply photoshops a picture of you onto a dinosaur.  Sure, it’s not half as fun as posing with a real one but the poster prints look mighty badass, so you can still claim you actually rode a real T-rex when you vacationed in the Bahamas last year and we bet your friends will believe you.  No, really.

Dinoprints offer full-color poster prints measuring 24 x 36 inches, each one featuring a dinosaur with your photograph cropped and inserted into the image.  While the background is a little disappointing (I mean, I want a lush rainforest with giant leaves and man-eating plants if I’m going to pose with a dino), the dinosaurs are actually excellently rendered.  The current selection only includes three dinosaurs, though: a T-rex, a wooly mammoth and a spinosaurus.

According to the company, all the dinosaurs they use are original commissioned work, so you won’t find the same image available on any sites (otherwise, you’d probably just download that and photoshop yourself, wouldn’t you?)  They use wide-format printers and genuine Epson archival photo papers for the prints.

They appear to have more dinosaur design options coming, so wait for that if you’re not quite enthused with the current selection.  Price is $49.95.