This FES Watch Is How E-Ink Watches Should Have Been Done All Along

E-ink watches have been around for a while.  And they’re pretty awesome, with their long battery life, customizable dials, and reasonably slim watch cases.  The FES Watch steps up the game for e-ink watches, using electronic paper not just on the dial, but across the entire strap.

Just like other e-ink timepieces, you can customize the faceplate to a variety of digitally-rendered dials, allowing you to change watch designs any time you want.  Unlike them, it comes with digitally customizable straps, too.  That’s right, no need to buy new straps to change things up – simply choose a new strap design and you’re set.

Designed by Takt Project for Fashion Entertainments, the entire FES Watch is, basically, one long flexible e-paper display.  That means, the strap is permanently attached to the dial, so there are less parts to come loose over time.  Since this is e-paper, both the dials and straps are restricted to grayscale shades, so it won’t exactly work if you prefer a little more color in your wrist accessories.

Granted, a watch with an e-paper strap actually looks way geekier than conventional e-ink watches.  Heck, this one looks even geekier than Seiko’s Future Now, which looks like it came straight out of a 1980s garage.  But, man, we’re in love with the concept and would definitely look forward to seeing more watches utilize flexible displays in place of traditional silicone, leather, and metal for the straps.

No word on pricing, but the FES Watch is scheduled for release in May 2015.

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