Foaster Charges Your iPhone On A Two-Slice Toaster Dock

Sometimes, things are awesome because they make our lives easier.  Sometimes, they’re just neat because they’re so ridiculous yet easy on the eyes.  Take Apple’s products, for instance (I kid, fanboys, I kid).  The Foaster, though, definitely qualifies on that second category, bringing a dual iPhone charging dock designed to look like a two slice bread toaster.

Why make an iPhone charging dock clad in the form of a toaster?  According to creators Covena Design, their research has indicated that a lot of people do their phone charging in the kitchen, so they decided to style the dock as a countertop appliance, making it perfectly suited sitting next to your waffle maker, pie maker, and four-in-one oven.

Similar to a standard toaster, the Foaster comes with a pair of slots on top, along with a handle for lowering the bread on the side.  Instead of dropping bread slices on the slots, however, each one is sized to fit an iPhone standing (with the upper half completely visible, so you can check notifications), although the handle is purely cosmetic and non-functional.   Designed specifically for iPhone 5 and newer, it comes with a lightning connector built into the base of each slot, so no need to use your own connectors (as many docks in the market require).  Construction is metal for the base and plastic with aluminum trim for the body.

Foaster is currently raising funds for a production run on Kickstarter.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $79.

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