ForkChops: A Fork And Knife Combo That Double As Chopsticks

You never know what food you’ll end up bumming from your friends when you’re camping.  Tuna flakes drowning in oil, instant ramen, gourmet food in a can — you have to be ready for anything.  These ForkChops will help you pick up whatever ends up going on your plate.

Sure, you can pack all the eating utensils you could end up needing.  But that’s not really packing light anymore now, is it?  Plus, you have to make room in the bag for your iPad, Knighthawk 3G and a large backup battery (you know, cause man does not live on bread alone  — he needs internet, too), so the less of the other stuff you carry, the better.

The ForkChops 3-in-1 Eating Utensil consists of two plastic parts: one knife and one fork.  The ends of both implements are shaped like chopsticks, allowing you to use them for downing sushi, ramen and dimsum like a hungry drunken master.

Each utensil is 10.25 inches long, with a polysterene construction (which means, it’s safe for eating but downright cheap).   The chopstick tips are textured for better grip, in order to better mimic their wooden counterparts.  We’re guessing you can use the chopsticks for skewering stuff, too, provided you don’t try cooking it over a grill.

But… but… where’s the spoon?  Well, you’re slumming it in the outdoors like a survivalist stud, so there is no spoon, you spoiled clown.  Just wait for the ice cream to melt and drink it.  The ForkChops 3-in-1 Eating Utensil is available from Thinkgeek, priced at $5.99.

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