GORUCK Man Tie: Neckties Can Be Rugged, Too

Being men, we like things better when they’re rugged.  From burly 4x4s to everything-proof gadgets to badass tools, we like ’em rough and tough.  And if you want to inject a dose of ruggedness to your office garb, the GORUCK Man Tie is exactly the thing to add.

Billed as “the first military-grade tie in history,” it’s a necktie equipped specifically for long-term survival, making them immune to the ravages of a manly life.  That way, you don’t need to worry about rips, abrasions and damage even while going through your daily grind, whatever activities they might require.

The GORUCK Man Tie is constructed from the same 1000D cordura material used in GORUCK’s hardcore rucksacks, with a reinforced black on black tie stay to keep them from ripping like regular neckties.  It comes in two widths (2.5 inches and 3.5 inches), two lengths (60 inches and 65 inches) and three designs  (black, sand, and multicam).  Just like their backpacks, the ties come with a “Scars Lifetime Guarantee,” which means free repairs for any damage sustained, provided it isn’t burned, shot, slashed or sawed off (they’ll charge a repair fee for those).

Whether you’re an office drone, a hipster who likes cool gear, or a secret agent in a dapper suit, the GORUCK Man Tie should play nice with the rest of your garb.  It’s available on pre-order with a December 10 ship date, priced at $65.

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