Use The Mountain Pong To Make Beer Pong Less Messy, More Fun


If there’s any downside to beer pong, it’s the mess – lightweight cups filled with alcohol right in the midst of bouncing balls just naturally attracts spills. The Mountain Pong is a beer pong accessory designed to keep the cups stable, all while incorporating multiple levels to give the classic party staple a new twist.

A four-level cup holder, it comes with 12 slots for holding a dozen cups – a standard six cups on the base in classic triangle formation, three cups on the second level, two cups on the third, and one on top. That way, you can use it play classic college beer pong with the six bottom cups, as well as a whole host of variations made possible by the new accessory design.


Mountain Pong is a plastic cup holder with individual slots sized to hold standard solo red cups. Multiple units can be stacked together, so you can keep a few of these in the trunk of your car, making them convenient to transport, giving you a set you can quickly bust out whether on a beach, a tailgate, or an impromptu party at a buddy’s house. The addition of the new levels makes it possible to play several beer pong variations the creators have made, as well as put a new spin on your favorite variations of the game. Simply put, it gives you more ways to get drunk, throw balls, and get even more drunk, which can’t be a bad thing. A Mini version is also available, with three cups at the base and three elevated cups spread on two levels.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Mountain Pong. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $70, with the Mini going for $45.

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