Nura Headphones Can Customize Its Sound To Match Your Unique Hearing Profile


Apparently, our ears aren’t just sized and shaped differently, they also process sound in different ways, too. That’s why we have different sweet spots in volumes and equalizations even though we listen to the same music using the same brand of headphones. The Nura Headphones claim to do all those micro-adjustments to help you find the sweet spot all on its own.

Using unique soundwave technology, the headphones will take measurements of your hearing profile the first time you put them on, customizing the sound with the help of an accompanying app for optimal listening within the next 30 seconds. Even better, it records that profile and immediately recognizes it the next time you put the headphones on, so folks can borrow your headphones without messing up the customized settings.


Aside from the unique profiling system, the Nura Headphones come in an unusual form factor, as it combines both over-the-ear cups and in-ear buds. Yep, it combines buds that sit on your ear canal with large cups that cover your ear, doubling the passive noise isolation while funneling sound through separate drivers on each ear. The first driver on the ear cups brings the deep bass, while the second one on the buds plays the high tones, ensuring both are delivered unimpeded for unparalleled sound clarity.


With the sound custom tailored, you should be able to enjoy the listening experience without having to crank the volume to 11, potentially sparing your hearing from long-term damage. Features include a wired connection (either microUSB or Lightning), an onboard memory that stores all the profiles, and a button on the headphones that let you switch among different saved profiles.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Nura. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $199.

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