This RC Train Transports The Tissue Box To Anywhere In The House


When someone asks to pass the tissue, it’s not uncommon to simply pick up the box and throw it their way. It’s simple and efficient. That’s why there’s absolutely no need for something like this RC Tissue Box Train. But, darn it, we want one anyway.

Made by Tokyo-based model car company Kyosho, it’s a remote control tissue box clad in the form of a Japanese subway train. That way, you can simply drive the tissue box from the living room to the kitchen, any time you need to wipe spaghetti sauce off your face in the middle of a meal.

Just like other tissue box covers, the RC Tissue Box Train can hold a standard pack of Kleenex, giving their erstwhile boring packaging a far better-looking housing. Unlike them, it comes with a radio controller that lets you drive it, race it, and crash it into a wall like any RC car, all while pretending it’s traveling the length of Japan’s extensive railways system and ferrying locals to their respective places of business. It doesn’t come with doors that open, though, so you can’t have your favorite action figures coming along for the ride.

Four AA batteries power the ensemble’s operation, so you’re not getting another thing to add to your growing list of items that require charging. Dimensions are 7.2 x 3.1 x 3.6 inches.

The RC Tissue Box is available from Japan Trend Shop, priced at $34.

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