Tipron Puts A Movie Projector On A Mobile, Articulated Robot


Let’s be honest: we all want robot butlers at home. Problem is, modern automatons are really not sophisticated enough to serve as the all-in-one robot butlers science fiction promised us many decades ago. In the meantime, we have to make do finding reasons to bring robots into our home. The folks behind Tipron thinks turning a mobile robot into a roving media center just might make it useful to keep around.

A mobile robot that projects movies up a wall with accompanying sound, it lets you bring big-screen viewing to any room in the house without having to set up any AV gear. At least, if it’s on the same floor (yeah, he can’t climb stairs). Just have the robot come to wherever you’re stationed, direct it towards the wall you want to turn into a display surface, and it will do the rest.


Tipron’s projector is installed right on the head, with the lone eye beaming images to any surface of your choosing. An articulated neck allows it to adjust the projector’s placement to an ideal height and angle, with keystone correction ensuring the image is always level. It projects 720p videos at a maximum size of 80 inches, which should make for decent viewing, with a maximum brightness of 250 lumens ensuring pictures look sufficiently clear. Features include an integrated speaker, a battery rated at two hours of operation per charge, and a sensor array that allows it to avoid obstacles while making its way around the house autonomously.

You can learn more about Tipron from the link below.

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