Turn A Tree Into A Coat Rack With The Tree Hook

Tress are exceptionally useful when you're up in the woods.  You can tie a hammock on them, rest under their shade or stick your axe on the trunk for easy access.  If the branches are low, you can even use them to hang your bags and coats.  In case they're not, there's the Tree Hook.

Designed for strapping around trees, it adds a functional hook that you can use to hang whatever stuff you want to keep away from mud and dirt.  Put a bunch of these on and you can turn any tree into a veritable rack where you can hang your JakPak Jacket, backpack, food stash, hunting rifle, binoculars and more.

The Tree Hook is made from a single sheet of aluminum with some stainless steel parts, attached to an inch-wide nylon strap with a CSR buckle.  It can be strapped around trees, posts, elephant legs and any fixed vertical object up to 18 inches in diameter.  The hook features a rubber bumper on top, so you can hang non-strapped stuff without scratching them on the metal edges.

If you ever thought about setting up a kitchen in the woods, this thing should come very handy for turning nearby trees into hanging spots for your pots, spatulas , knives and other supplies.  Should be a useful place to keep food, too, especially when you want to keep it out of reach from jungle trolls, midget aliens and other small critters.

From the looks of it, Montie Gear is aiming the Tree Hook for hunters who need a safe place to hang their crossbows and rifles away from dirt.  Price is $39.95.

[Montie Gear]