Brushanger Hangs Your Jacket, Cleans It

Over the years, your home has become a showroom for products that combine two functions in one.  Like your comfy sofa that’s also a dog house, your cooking spoon that’s also a pair of tongs, and your fancy wall art that are also storage shelves.  Yeah, it’s like you’re living at Skymall or something.  If you’d like to bring the multi-purpose thingamajigs into your closet as well, may we recommend the Brushanger.

Designed by Tim Parsons, it’s a hanger that can fold up and double as a horsehair brush.  That way, you can use it to hang your coat one minute and then use it to brush off lints and dirts the next.

Sure, a hanger that’s also a brush isn’t anywhere near life-changing as ice cream that also gets you drunk.  But that’s not really a fair comparison since, you know, wine and beer ice cream are, like, 100 levels of revolutionary.  Still, there must be some latent appeal for the Brushanger, which doesn’t just give you a 2-in-1 for the closet, it makes easier storage for your brush so you don’t end up misplacing it again — just unfold it to a hanger and hang it with your clothes.  Since conscientous fashionistas know wooden hangers hold your clothes best, it’s constructed from lacquered beechwood.

The catch?  Your best chance at getting one is paying a craftsman to build you bespoke units.  Only two Brushangers, each one previously owned by the designer himself, have been listed at ODLCO.  Both have been snapped up quick for $65 apiece.

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via gizmodo