Shirt Companion Holds Down Your Shirt, Pulls Up Your Socks

Staying sharp is hard work.  Doesn’t matter how much you straighten yourself before you leave the house, your custom dress shirt will go jumping out your pants and your socks will be curling down your leg after a couple hours moving around.  Unless you’re wearing a Shirt Companion.

Made by Sharp & Dapper, the hosiery is a modern take on old-fashioned sock suspenders and shirt stays that your grandpa probably still rocks to this day.  And that’s why he still looks way cooler than you when you both suit up like last month at cousin Taylor’s wedding.   Old dude stayed straight and tidy the whole time, unlike your sloppy ass.

The Shirt Companion consists of four adjustable straps with clips on both ends.  Two straps go on each leg (one in front and one in back), connecting the tails of your shirt to the top of your socks, so the garments end up keeping each other from getting out of place.  The straps are made from an elastic material, so they’ll stretch when you sit or move, allowing you to stay comfortable while never having your threads ever run out of place.

Word of warning: make sure those clips on the socks are closed tight.  Otherwise, that stretchy band can end up firing a metal clip in an area you’d rather not be tested that way.  Ouch.

We’re not sure how well the ladies will find your unusual choice in hosiery when the pants fall off, but you should be able to pass it off as part of your eccentric charm.  After all, you’re probably the sharpest cat she’s met all day.  The Shirt Companion is available now, priced at £14.99.