Clipless Mounts Your Phone Onto Clothes, Flat Surfaces

Phone mounts and holsters come in all shapes and sizes for a variety of purposes.  And while they often work, they’re also frequently bulky and too specialized to a single function.  Clipless changes that.

A magnet-based mounting system, it comes in two variants: one for mounting phones onto clothing and another for mounting it across flat surfaces.  That way, you can have a single, unified solution for attaching your phone to your shirt, jacket or pants, as well as your car dashboard, cubicle walls, or fridge door.

Clipless measures about half the size of a credit card, with one side containing a non-permanent adhesive for attaching to the back of your phone.  On the clothing version, this is slotted onto a disc that attaches it to your clothing using a third component that’s worn on the inner side of the fabric, which utlizes magnets to keep everything in place.  The magnets are guaranteed secure but they are light, so only single-layer items from your wardrobe (at the most, two layers but with thinner materials) will work (e.g. shirts, jeans, hoodies).

On the surface version, Clipless is similarly attached to the phone using adhesive.  Then, you attach an NFC Mount onto the flat surface where you want to use the phone on.  Once both are set, simply attach the open side of Clipless to the NFC Mount and you’re done.  Oh yeah, that NFC Mount really does have NFC, so you can use it to trigger tasks on your phone by simply tapping.

The downside?  Since they need the adhesive to leave no residues, it’s only for single-use.  That means, each Clipless can only be used once — if you remove it from your phone, it’s off to the trash, so this can get costly if you don’t want an accessory permanently attached to your smartphone’s back.

Currently, Clipless is collecting funding over at Kickstarter.  You can reserve yourself a set starting at $35.

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