Use The NERF Over-the-Door Storage To Hold All Your Foam Blaster Accessories


If NERF blasters are a regular part of your play schedule, there’s a good chance you have a ton of foam darts, magazines, and various accessories just lying around the house. Sure, you can keep them in any drawer, shelf, or random box in the room, but we imagine NERF’s Over-the-Door Storage will make a much better fit.

A hanging storage, it gives you a selection of pockets and straps, allowing you to stash your foam blaster paraphernalia in a neat and organized manner. Just hang it in your bedroom door, a closet door, or wherever else the darn thing can go (preferably, away from sight of any girls that come over) to give yourself a place to hold all the NERF accessories you’ve accumulated through the years.

The NERF Over-the-Door Storage has three small expandable pockets on top sized to hold foam ammo, magazines, and accessories (think scopes, barrels, and stocks), as well as smaller blasters if you don’t have any other room for them. Underneath is a row of three mesh pockets that allow you to easily see what’s inside, while below that sits a pair of elastic straps that you can use to hold down a bigger blaster. Two large pockets at the bottom can be used to hold bigger accessories like drum clips, bipods, and masks, as well as some of the mid-sized foam blasters you’ve got in your collection.


Marked targets on both the front and back (three and four targets, respectively) of the fabric give you items to shoot at if you need a bit of practice, with all targets compatible with the outfit’s self-stick darts, so you can clearly see how well your aim is doing . It uses a plastic door hook to secure itself to any door, whether closed or open, while a D-loop strap attached to that hook makes it possible to hang it on a wall hook if you’d rather use your door for your boxing or suspension trainer workouts instead.

Of course, the NERF Over-the-Door Storage can be used to stash items that have nothing to do with foam blasters, from LEGOs and action figures to electronic parts and a whole bunch of other small items. Heck, you can probably hang it in the closet, then use it to store undies, scarves, and other similarly small garments, as well as in the workshop to hold tools, fasteners, and other supplies that would otherwise be scattered all over.

Do note, this comes in a design that looks appropriate for younger individuals, so while it should make great storage for a school-age kid’s bedroom, it will totally look terrible in a grown man’s abode. Yes, even if you’ve spent the last decade and a half being the biggest Nerf geek among all of your foam-battling friends. You can, however, easily get away with hiding it in the closet, away from sight of anyone that may judge your foam warfare obsession, so it should all work out fine.

The NERF Over-the-Door Storage is available now.

NERF Elite Over The Door Storage
  • Over-the-door storage includes three small pockets at the top with elastics to store blasters,...