Ovei Pod: The Ultimate In Entertainment Privacy

The mind boggles when trying to come up with any other use for this gadget, but the Ovei Pod from Oculas Group is too neat not to try out while you consider the ramifications of a home condensed to one little pod.

You’ll heart this Flash Drive

Look at this beautiful jewel necklace, which hides under its heart-shaped frame a convenient 8 GB flash drive. This gift is perfect for the lady in your life. Or, if you happen to be that lady, it's the perfect treat for yourself.
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A Digital Frame To Top Them All – Amex Digital SP-7

So those that still yearn for a frame that mimics the old style but gives them the new freedom of a digital frame can now enjoy the new gadget by Amex Digital, the SP-7 Digital Frame. It comes in a stunning acrylic wood design, as well as with features that make it not just superior in appearance but also the leader in digital framing functionality.

The Avatar of Exercise

If you are the type that strives to be in shape but find it hard to achieve results, you need to hear about this.Perhaps you want to slim down. Perhaps you ... Read More...